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Gmn rules!!!!

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    Gmn rules!!!!

    GMN is the flippin best, better than any other... wait, hang on...

    These are just a few simple guidelines for making your time on GMN more pleasant, and some apply to behaving pleasantly in general.

    - Keep non-car topics in OTB, Tech in Tech, Sales in Sales, fights in the BattleField (request access if you want in) and we'll all be happy.

    - Bitching at admins/mods outside of BF for no good reason may result in temp ban. Good reasons are welcome as we may consider changing something, but keep it clean. Continued bratty behavior may lead to permanent ban.

    - Clones (multiple user names from the same IP address) need to be for real people (we may let one slide here and there if there's no problems, but this will be rare). If there's an issue with the clones, real users can be proven by pictures including a sign decided upon on that day or the day prior or banning will commence. If you don't want to show your face, don't cause problems with multiple logins. Also, meeting admins/mods/well respected members in person will work as they can vouch for you.

    - Creating new logins to get around temporary bans will get you in more trouble and most likely get you permanently banned.

    - If you don't know where you should post something, state that in the first post and a moderator will move it where it should go. Just posting in random/same places all the time for everything will get you booted as a spammer.

    - Spam will not be tolerated. It will get the ban hammer as soon as someone with a ban hammer notices.

    - Respect the other people on the forum and don't be an asshole. It doesn't matter how new they are or how long they have been around. Disrespect will get you disrespected.

    - Admins and moderators were given the power because the owners/operators trust them to make proper decisions. They may make a mistake from time to time, but will try to fix it. Don't get your knickers in a twist over it. If you want to hash it out, try private messaging an admin to find out what happened or emailing the admins. Explain your case. If you take it to the Battlefield, expect a flame war (that's what the Battlefield is for) with ample use of napalm and name calling and pissing matches. If you aren't up for that, keep it to PM for personal issues or OTB for general civil disagreements. Please note that some people do not login every day or even every week. Response times may take up to a month in some cases due to real life.

    All terms, conditions, punishments and interest rates are subject to change.
    Batteries not included.

    Have a nice day
    Pete ::::>>> resident LED addict and CFI defector LED bulb replacements
    'LTD HPP' 85 Vic (my rusty baby) '06 Honda Reflex 250cc 'Baileys' 91 Vic (faded cream puff) ClifFord 'ODB' 88 P72 (SOLD) '77 LTDII (RIP)
    85HPP's most noteworthy mods: CFI to SEFI conversion w/HO upperstuff headers & flowmasters P71 airbox Towncar seats LED dash light-show center console w/5 gauge package LED 3rd brake light 3G alternator mini starter washer/coolant bottle upgrade Towncar power trunk pull underhood fuse/relay box 16" HPP wheels - police swaybars w/poly rubbers - budget Alpine driven 10 speaker stereo