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1986 town car what to look for?

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    One note worth mentioning....86 cars do not have TV bushings up at the throttle body. Their TV cables and throttle body levers are different and do not utilize a TV bushing like the 87 and up cars do.

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    Originally posted by ootdega
    My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."
    Originally posted by DerekTheGreat
    But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck


      Originally posted by sxcpotatoes View Post
      Yes, but at this point, literally any arsehole seller who claims 65k without mentioning it's only a 5 digit odo and having no complete service record history or even carfax or autocheck report is guilty of outright misrepresentation at best, or fraud at worst.
      Originally posted by gadget73 View Post
      Sometimes you just don't really know. It could be 65k and then 20 years sitting out behind the barn.
      This. I've seen so many GMT400 trucks going for sale with odometer fraud it's appalling. You don't even have to be a hack and you can change what the ODO reads without getting the silver bars inbetween the digits visible but most of these chumps have no shame. You can see the bars clearly in their pics, so something fishy is going yet they have the gall to say "original miles." Do people really not notice these things?
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        I've changed odometers myself, though it was a case of replacing the cluster in a car and wanting the replacement cluster to agree with actual mileage. Its possible to line them up properly but it requires some fussing to do it. Moving them is the easy part, the lining it all back up is what will drive you mad.

        At some point the car is old enough that it just doesn't matter too much. I think my Towncar is at 205k now, but maybe its 305k. I know its more than 105k. When I got it the odometer read 25k, and there was no way in hell it was not at least 125k.

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        Originally posted by phayzer5
        I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


          Matters to me. Swapping an odometer from one of those things is easy, but I F'd up when trying to clean the original one and it wiped the numbers off. So I had to adjust the donor's ODO to match what my truck had originally. It was rubix cube like, but I was able to manage it with the black bars in place so it didn't have the look of odometer fraud. I like accuracy. Maybe the K1500 will hit 300k miles under my watch. Maybe I'll trade it for a 351 SEFI Ford. We'll see.

          Townies well yeah, that five digit shit is anyone's guess after it has said "bye-bye" to the original owner.
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