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    Noob here from NY

    Hi all. I'm not exactly a fan of Grand Marquis (as of now) as I'm still learning what kind of car is this.

    Rather, I am Ford enthusiast. I want to know more about all the model it offers, from C-Max to F-150.

    Currently I owned a Ford transit connect 2017 & Super Duty 2018. My on the other hand owned Ford Ecosport and bronco.

    Hope to meet you all. Will start reading threads here.


    This forum covers all of Ford's Panther platform which was in production from 1979-2011 model years (and apparently 2012 model year Crown Victoria in the middle east.)
    The Panther platform cars are body on frame, rear wheel drive cars, often looked at as "grandpa cars" because they were popular with an older audience. Super comfortable cars, and since many people think of them as "grandpa cars" they make great sleepers. Super easy to work on and parts are very much still available and not expensive which makes the Panther platform very easy to get into.

    The Grand Marquis is one Panther platform model offered by Mercury, which this site was named after. Mercury also offered the Marauder for the 2003-2004 model years.
    The Ford model was the Crown Victoria, or before 1992 the LTD Crown Victoria.
    The Lincoln model was the Town Car, and there was also the Mark VI in the early '80s.
    There may be some other model variations that I left out, especially the early Panthers, but this list should be a good starting place for someone who does not know but wants to know more.

    ~ 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS - new DD
    ~ 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis LS "The Scab" - plenty of rot, backup/summer cruiser
    ~ 1997 GMC Yukon SLT - wannabe winter DD - many issues, returning sometime in the 2020s
    ~ 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis GS "The Ice Car" - Rotting Retired Winter DD
    ~ 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis GS - Rotting Retired DD
    Gone but not forgotten:
    ~ 1988 Country Squire ~ 1987 Ford Crown Vic