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New member - 2005 Grand Marquis 50K miles

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    New member - 2005 Grand Marquis 50K miles

    Greetings all,

    I bought my car from my grandfather Max's estate with about 15K miles.
    I have been driving it for about 5-6 years now and it is creeping up on 50K miles, even after a trip from SW Ohio to the tip of Maine and back. (I don't drive much!)
    Have been noticing the shocks in the back not doing their job anymore so started searching for suggestions and found this forum.
    Car is still all stock except for wipers, tires, battery, air/oil filter, and added window tint so needless to say I have a LOT of maintenance to catch up on for this 16 year old car.

    From reading around, it sounds like a transmission cooler should be high on my to-do list, along with a full flush at the same time. (J-Mod at same time ideally!)
    Can anybody recommend a good shop not too far from zip 45069?

    Or can anybody recommend a video or how-to post?
    I did find this one:
    Was hoping for a video, I'm more of a visual learner.

    Well thanks for letting me talk too much! haha
    And thank you for the great forum!


    P.S. Still has a working factory cassette and CD player, only thing I have to play my old tapes!

    Trans cooler is a great idea.

    Also a rear sway bar would be a nice improvement.

    very nice cars.

    Perhaps you may want to make a signature with some details about your ride.
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      Welcome to the forum. Good luck in fixing your grandfathers car up.

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      Originally posted by ootdega
      My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."
      Originally posted by DerekTheGreat
      But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck


        Trans cooler is a good idea. Can just set it in front of the A/C condenser.

        J-mod for sure. I've done it on my 95 T-Bird, 03 CV LX Sport and a handfull of other 4R70W's. I'm a member of TCCoA too and A-Train's advice is good. Being that yours is an '05 there are updated instructions for the J-mod on the newer trans. I installed the mid setting on my 03 Sport (since the wife drives it too) and it shifts firm with normal driving and no neck snapping.
        These are highly engineered precision vehicles, the first step in diagnosing the problem is to strike the suspected offending part sharply and repeatedly with a blunt object, then re-test.


          Thanks for the welcome!
          I have a lot to learn as I am a life-long air-cooled VW fan so I am used to wrenching on European cars with 4 cylinders. (up to 1992 so not ALL air-cooled)
          I did have a fully loaded 1981 Marquis in the early 90's, but I didn't work on it at all and didn't have for long. (damn electronic carb I think???)

          I was surprised to find I did not have a rear sway bar jaywish!
          I was not aware of the options that came on a GS Marquis.
          Needless to say one is on it's way, I have a LOT of round-a-bouts in my area.
          No air ride suspension either(which I am thankful for $$$).
          Has lighted visors but no roof/overhead console or dimming mirror (Would like to upgrade to those eventually)

          Took each wheel off yesterday and had a good look at how everything was doing suspension and brake wise. (still original brakes!)
          Bushings are showing age, some cracking which would help to explain some of the creaking I am starting to hear in suspension.
          Looking at a lot of the Moog parts for replacements.

          Original Transmission fluid still looks nice and red, I was shocked!

          Enjoying the forums and reading a lot.

          Thank you all!



            Thought I had replied already, but I guess not.

            From your first post, no worries about being long winded around here.

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