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Legal Issues & My Intake Manifold | 1998 MGM | Class Action Replacement

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    New intakes usually don't come with the thermostat either, but sometimes you can get find the intake as part of a kit that does come with the thermostat.

    Hopefully you are able to find the right gaskets and o-rings. Since you mentioned this is a used intake, I would replace all those gaskets even if they were all there. I wouldn't be thrilled about a used intake.

    $500 for an energy bill really is nothing for a company/organization that does that kind of assistance. 4 figures doesn't seem shocking to me.

    Interested in seeing the pictures. It's possible those gasket(s) got lost and, as I said, I wouldn't expect a thermostat to be included. You may not have a used intake unless it's obviously dirty and has other signs of use.

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      More Breaking News: The Wheel Locks are finally OFF, However:

      Well, I'm a bit stunned here again. My neighborhood mechanic was able to remove the old rusty wheel locks on my '98 MGM GS here. This is where it goes into the strange now. The replacement set does not fit on and I just reinstalled the old ones with some anti-seize on my car and tightened them down. He also was not able to diagnose the crunk like noise on the front end that started after he replaced the front ball joints, so off to the front end specialist for that nonsense. He did tell me that the ball joints were okj. I owe him $50. as the effort was a bit rough in removing them.

      Now this is where things get unusually stranger. He told me to forget about using these wheel locks as no one here steals them anymore. These are the cast aluminum ones that are supposed to look like spokes. I'm still stunned at all of the wild news to process and emailed Gorilla to see if they will exchange them. If not someone here may need them. These are 12mm by 1.50 ACORN with a part # of 61631. Life with cars as with all intimate relationships, continues to be filled with drama.



        The lugs on panthers should be 1/2-20. Lots of other metric stuff on it, but the lugs should be SAE.

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        Originally posted by gadget73
        ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
        Originally posted by dmccaig
        Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


          The front clunk might be sway bar end links. I was dealing with a clunk on bumps despite a tight front end. The end links had just enough slop to be noisy.

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            I stopped using wheel locks back in 2002 or so. When I was working people would have flat tires at night, could not find the key, had to get towed. A tire shop stripped a set on the Ford Escort by using a impact gun. They had to air chisel them off. There is a lot of truth about people not stealing wheels and tires off of cars like ours. If they want something, they will steal the whole car.