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My 1998 MGM/GS Front Pre-Brake Replacement and Inspection | Suggestions Needed

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    My 1998 MGM/GS Front Pre-Brake Replacement and Inspection | Suggestions Needed

    My neighbor has returned from his vacation and I am looking at carefully going over the list of front brake parts to rebuild my front brake system in the Mercury. After lifting it up or tilting it using my floor jack the other day I saw something odd. I just paged through the FSM and didn't see it either. I clearly saw a brake hose ( I'm going to be replacing both right and left up front ) that appeared to have 2 ports that connected to it at the frame where it's bolted. Not so on the other side. Is this actually in reality a 3 part junction & connection? That is to say, do I just disconnect one line there and then the main connection at the brake caliper? If not I may have the wrong hose. Let me know what I saw and if I am still on the correct path. Again nothing in the FSM unless I missed it in the group #6 pages. Again this is going to be a careful collection of thoughts and checks as I want everything to go very smoothly with this and those front hoses take all of the wear by virtue of turning and heat and thus their replacement at 110k miles.



    Apparently and from inspecting the replacement parts close up earlier, one of the front brake hose replacements has 2 additional ports coming from it. It appears that this one side of the car ( probably the passengers side ) send additional fluid to the other lines this way, more likely to the back part of this vehicle. So what I saw was very correct, however it's located on the replacement part, these connections. So all is well. Now to obtain a years supply of 'banjo' washers made from copper as they have a habit of needing replacement, and like bleeder screws, going into hiding when needed the most!


      ABS cars have a standard one port hose on both sides. Non-ABS ones use a 2 port hose on the driver's side. One port is feed in from the master cylinder, the other is the feed out to the passenger side. Same situation in the rear. The ABS system has an individual metal line per-wheel so the controller can do what it needs to do.

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