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    Performance parts for sale!

    I have been parting out my 89 MGM engine/transmission parts as I am going a different direction (Hopefully Godzilla swap if everything sells soon enough haha)
    Here's the list o parts and prices, message or reply with ANY question/concerns

    1. Holley Terminator X 550-937F. This is the Foxbody kit but works beautiful for the panther and to have the ECU in glove box.
    All wiring included, no hacked harness, only mod to harness is for GM TPS as I had a Holley 4150 throttle body.
    Included main harness, injector harness, I/O harness, o2 sensor and adapter harness, 3.5 touch screen, ECU, Foxbody under seat bracket, and CTS. $950.00 shipped to lower 48

    2. Holley single plane 8.2 deck(302) 4150 EFI intake with Holley 4150 throttle body(black) and FIC 50lb/hr injectors, and AED black throttle bracket/return spring. Brand new! Installed but never fired. $1200 shipped lower 48

    3. Ford Racing slant edge wrinkle black valve covers (tall height, discontinued). Scratches and signs of wear but a solid 8/10 finish wise. Comes with stainless ARP bolts and OE steel w/ rubber o ring gaskets.
    $190.00 obo

    4. Holley EFI Distributor (short height, black finish) for Terminator X. Installed, never used.
    $325.00 shipper lower 48

    5. Moroso plug wire set pn# 73833. Insulated and numbered. New, never ran, just installed as everything else. Big dollar kit but I'll take $170.00 shipped lower 48

    6.Anderson N41 camshaft, installed but never ran.
    $350.00 obo shipped lower 48

    7. Good but used set of GT40p heads with 3 angle valve job and Trick flow spring kit. Scorpion 1.6 pedistal roller rockers, Ford Racing P headers, ARP head bolts, ARP stainless header bolts, and a set of new cylinder head dowels. (Can have used Ford Racing lifters and Manley pushrods if you want too)
    $1350.00 NO SHIPPING (located in Michigan), UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FOR FREIGHT!!!

    8.Silver Fox manual valve body pn#SPT-MVB.
    This was installed but again, never used. Comes with the valve body, pigtail to activate OD, and valve body bolts. $500.00 shipped lower 48

    9. A TON of new and NOS AOD parts
    -NEW Raybestose Blue Plate clutches $250.00
    -NEW Raybestose Kolene steels $200.00
    -BRAND NEW billet Edge racing converter for C6/one piece input shaft AOD(2600-3000 stall)
    $600 obo
    -NEW TranGo 300m one piece input shaft $125.00
    -NOS forward clutch basket and shaft $45.00
    -NOS AOD pump $75.00

    As you can tell the car was going to be one bad MF'er but I'm going a different route as this car won't make the power I would like. Have the line on a couple Godzilla engines so would like to liquidate my stock as much as possible.

    May sell the car if anyone is interested, ITS A ROLLER!!!! 1989 MGM, black with brown/tan interior. Has tan 04 CV sport seats and center console, converted to factor CV sport floor shifter, no rust minus one bubble under paint right rear. Dent right rear, left front slightly busted bumper. Has a 96 TC rear end with 4.10 and trac lok, and GT500 Diff cover. Aluminum PI driveshaft, 255/60r15 BFG on NOS Ford factory steelies and 17x4.5 black Racestar Recluse with 27.5x6 M/T front runners.
    Exhaust is 2.5" x pipe to Borla ProXs and to 2" tailipipes. Don't want to sell car but good offer won't be refused.

    PLEASE MESSAGE FOR EMAIL OR PHONE #. I will send you all the pictures you'd like of anything you're interested in. Thanks for looking!

    Do let us know where the build thread is. I would wager many would like to see that beast.

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      I'm a new member, had another account not_you_grandpas_marquis (lost my email password soni was FKD) but I don't have a build thread unfortunately. I use to have IG under the same screen name as here around a year ago but decided to cut ties with social media as it was an annoyance. Tore this build apart as I have a friend with 2 Godzilla's sitting for sale and ran into PTV clearence issues with the N41 and true flat tops (go figure, only around .035 on exhaust side and that's no bueno for thermal expansion. Need atleast .080 to be safe.)
      Not investing in pistons for a stock block, it's a waste in my opinion so the parts are here for others if interested.
      Will take Paypal or cash if local to Michigan or at the top of Ohio I'll drive to meet. I also listed on eBay so if something sells I will update the listing on here.


        That's a good price for the term x


          Everything is priced to move. The more you buy I'll make a better deal. Another way of quick pictures and videos of everything is to get ahold of me in Snapchat. Same screen name, tha_black_merc. Can show everything for sale and videos/pics of the roller IF by some chance someone is interested.

          Cam also comes with a ARP cam bolt and JW performance dual roller timing chain, forgot to add that.


            I already have a term x max, i'll pass this info on to a buddy of mine with a supercharged 92 GT.
            Also, Holley has discontinued the Fox Body kit so lots of people looking for them.


              Terminator X -SOLD
              Dual Sync distributor -SOLD
              Valve Covers -SOLD


                Can't message you for some reason.
                Interested in all your AOD parts.
                All FORD All The Time


                  I just sent a message with contact info.