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    My 1999 I found under a tarp and the guy almost pulled the engine out and scrapped the rest but the buyer was low-balling him so he said no....Two weeks later I came along...That count?
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      I got mine for 85 CV over 3ys ago for $500.00 w/only 79000 miles on here from a used car lot in Jersey Shore PA near Williamsport PA & I give to Scott to get her into shape the 1st time & now it`s for a 2nd major service but for a CFI it 1 of the best 1 cars I have ever owned w/88 TC Cartier seats in there & the HPP`s are going on them & I hope to get more service out of it in yrs to come........
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        I get the feeling my light blue metallic and midnight blue 87 LX LTD was destined for a northern WI demo derby or junkyard. My grandpa parked it in the garage, put it up on jack stands about 2 feet in the air, removed the wheels/tires for storage, and wrapped up the front & rear brakes in plastic where it sat for around 6 years. He was extremely upset after the Ford dealership informed him of the "catastrophic fuel system failure" which would cost him more than the car was worth to fix. My grandma was on the phone setting up an appointment with the Rawhide Boy's Ranch when I asked her if she would give me the car for my birthday that year. She happily agreed and was glad to do so, as it was one of her favorite cars of many over the years. A couple months later, I detailed the car, dropped the fuel tank in the driveway, and crimped a new positive connector onto the fuel pump which had fallen off. Vroom! God bless that Ford automotive service technician and his years of specialized training and experience...


          I guess my 1991 P72 was a Forgotten Panther. The whole story can be found in my reader's rides thread here

          But here are the highlights.

          My car sat in the Town of Century Florida maintance yard for 4 years before I bought it at auction in 2008 for $350.00. If I had not bought it I am sure it would have been junked.

          Over the last 2 years i have been working on bringing the car back to it's former glory.

          How I found her.

          How she looks everyday.

          And when she gets 'all dressed up.'

          Still some more work to do but she is well on her way.

          Remember, Don't crush'em, restore'em.
          1991 LTD P72 351 W Restored Century Police (Ongoing Project) Sergeant Vic.

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            My Marquis was too destined for the crusher. He had two of them. The white one which was in mint condition compared the the powder blue marquis of the same year. Which had been sitting there for 3 years over a so freeze plug... right hah I'm glad I rescued my car
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              Originally posted by Mangjura View Post
              OK well I don't know if mine was destined for the scrap yard but it shure looked like she should have been.

              But the main thing that intrests me is the price I got her for. She was marked for sale at $450 but I ended up paying $300. I helped the guy put a serpentine belt on his new car.
              Is there any reason that anyone can think of as to the $300 price tag ?? As I read this post I notice $300 is a very common price. What's up with that ???
              $300 is about what the junkyard pays you for a car.

              Love hearing about the panthers that got saved!


                I don't know if mine was ever really bound for a crusher, it was my first car and I fought hard to retain ownership after the insurance company wrote it off.
                On Christmas Eve of 2010 my brother who shared ownership of the car at the time (were twins) was driving his girlfriend to a house party and happened to run out of gas so he left it parked on the street for the night. The next morning I awoke to police at my door questioning me about my car. Soon they broke the news, they had found it that morning vandalized, beaten with baseball bats almost all the glass was gone mirrors and lights included additionally they had poured sugar in my gas tank which really didn't do much except gum up the carb a little bit and caused me the pain of removing the fuel tank and the 1/4 inch of undercoating covering the straps and bolts.

                Intact insurance got back to me a couple days later and offered to write the car off at a value of $2900, after the deductible we receive $2400 BUT they also let us retain ownership. Of the $2400, $600 went into pick n pull parts.

                Unfortunately I haven't had money to restore the body yet to its pre vandalized glory and sitting outside like that without getting a proper wash first caused the rear rims and drivers fender to begin to rust
                But I did rebuild the engine, replaced the heater core and serviced chasis while waiting for my tranny to be rebuilt by National Transmission

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