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92-97 Tune up............

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    92-97 Tune up............

    Double Platinum or Iridium plugs?

    Which wires?

    Cap and rotor?

    On my Mopars, I use Bosch plugs and MSD wires.
    Cap and rotors are copper contacts.
    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    I tend to use OEM parts whenever possible. You could go with the original copper plugs but they won't last as long. The other two will last longer. Also depends if your car burns oil. If it does, why spend more money on plugs you are going to have to change before their time due to fouling? If the cars runs real clean, the Iridiums will last the longest. By the way, you will either have two coil packs or COP's (I forgot if the '97s have COP but I believe they do so not cap and rotor to deal with). Wires - I like the OEM's but that is a personal preference.
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      Silly me, yep, no cap and rotor. 2 coil packs.
      I don't see any smoke out the back, but it probably
      wouldn't hurt to pull a couple of plugs.
      So long and thanks for all the fish.


        Double platinum is recommended since the Aeros use a waste spark system. I do wrong things and run copper plugs in my car because it doesn't see that much mileage anymore, and changing the plugs every 30K won't bother me. Just be aware if you do that, the passenger side bank will be the side worn the quickest. I prefer NGK spark plugs as it goes, but Motorcraft plugs won't hurt a darn thing obviously. Steer clear of Bosch plugs in these (maybe save for their copper ones?) as its been reported for years their platinum plugs just don't seem to jive with these engines.

        I like NGK wires and use them on everything I have, but I've had Motorcraft and Standard Ignition wires in the past and those worked plenty fine.

        Just my .... Use no anti-seize and don't over-tighten the plugs! Only four threads hold the plugs in, so keep that in mind. Factory torque spec is 11-15 ft-lbs. This is probably one of the only engines you'll catch me using a torque wrench to install spark plugs on, but for good reason.

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          +1 Aeros like stock parts. I've also had no issue with Duralast (Autozone) wires.
          +1 use a torque wrench. Breaking the aluminum leads to a very bad day.

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