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Good info on an upgraded ignition coil......

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    Good info on an upgraded ignition coil......

    According to the manufacturer (Standard Motor Products), the difference between the SMP FD-487 and the SMP FD-487T is this:

    The SMP FD-487 is their premium-quality coil, with brass high-voltage terminals, copper-wire windings, and a higher output than OEM being among the main features.
    SMP FD-487 coils tested 3.7% higher than OE in output voltage, and were equal to OE in spark energy.
    In waveform testing, the peak output voltage was about 1000 volts higher than OE, with a longer spark duration, resulting in more energy supplied to the spark plugs.
    The SMP FD-487 coils match or exceed the OE coils in all categories and are an excellent replacement exceeding the OE performance.

    The SMP FD-487T is their "economy" model that fits and works OK, but it doesn't have the high-end features -- and is sold at a reduced price.
    Amazon sells both of these coils, so the choice is yours -- get the cheap-o FD-487T, or go for the better features and performance of the FD-487.
    I tested both models of the SMP coils, and the lower resistance of the SMP FD-487 indicates a higher-voltage output to bring better performance and mileage to your engine at a reasonable price.
    This is a case where you really do "get what you pay for" -- and I chose the slightly-higher-priced SMP FD-487.

    The SMP FD-487 is cheaper than the Motorcraft DG530 at Rockauto.
    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    This is true (or comparable) of most Standard products - the part number is generally made available as a T and non-T version, and the T-series part is the cheaper/economy/shorter warranty part.

    In some cases, such as ECT/ACT sensors, there is no discernible difference between the parts at all and I think the only basis for the difference in price is that the warranty is shorter.

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      I have had no problems with the non "T" Standard parts. Many are still made in USA as a bonus. Often Standard is an OEM supplier.
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        I just recently purchased one of their Blue Streak coils to accompany the new distributor I stabbed in my '89 K1500. Good thing I bench tested it in the box, it was DOA.
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