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    Do what would be considered a partial brake fluid change by simply siphoning out the fluid from the MC repeatedly and replacing until most of the fluid is changed. I've always done the traditional method of refilling while bleeding the brakes but a friend mentioned it and I was curious as to your thoughts - pro and con!
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    It doesn't really work as the fluid doesn't really circulate.
    Easiest way to change the fluid is to siphon the reservoir, fill it with new to the brim and then open bleeders at the wheels to let it gravity bleed. Keep topping up the reservoir and it should slowly push out the old fluid from the lines.
    Might not work with newer vehicles with ABS pumps and such.
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      The method I've been told is to remove as much fluid from the reservoir and fill with clean... vacuum pump from the right rear, left rear, right front, left front, until clear and keeping the reservoir full. Once each one is clear, bleed to satisfaction and top up.

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      ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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        I have, but usually as a precursor to bleeding the lines. No point in wasting time pumping an entire reservoir worth of fluid through the lines. Did it on my truck when I got it, but only bled 3 of the wheels. The bleeder was stuck on the front left and I wasn't inclined to mess with it.

        otherwise agree there isn't a lot of point to it. It doesn't circulate so it doesn't get rid of anything nasty in the lines or calipers.

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