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Gentex 453 Homelink mirror into a 98-02 TC or CV/GM

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    Gentex 453 Homelink mirror into a 98-02 TC or CV/GM

    So I already have one of these mirrors (older GNTX 313) in my marq and I like having Homelink on the mirror vs the always on one on the visor. And they were used on numerous imports so availability is good in the junkyards and usually cheaper then buying one on eBay and you can get the wire and connector while removing the mirror. Unlike the marq though the TC has a dimming side mirror and I wanted to retain that while using the Gentex mirror. Another reason for the swap is I also prefer the compass on the mirror as opposed to the cluster.

    So the TC drivers side dimming mirror needs a output and ground.

    As you can see pin 3 & 4 are for the drivers side mirror.

    On the Gentex you want to use the pin G for the output and couple the drivers mirror ground wire with the mirror ground on pin F.

    The Gentex 10 pin connector is proprietary but you can use 2.54mm female dupont pins. Also a USB header 9 pin connector will also work, just have to drill out the blank connector for it to fit on the Gentex mirror.

    So to wire it up if using a 3 wire Gentex 453 you want to couple pin J & B to pin 7 wire coming out of the headliner. Couple pin G to pin 4 coming out of the headliner and couple pin 3 & pin F wires to the pin 6 wire coming out of the headliner and you will have a working mirror with homelink and the drivers side mirror will also dim.

    If you have a CV/GM and are replacing a auto dim, just couple the power wires together to the power wire and gound to the ground wire coming out of the headliner.

    If you don't have a auto dim mirror then you have to run wires to a place that you can get 12v switched power and also a ground. You could always wire it to a always hot source but then your homelink works all the time which could be bad if someone breaks into the car.

    Couple of notes;

    Theres many variations of these mirrors: some have no compass, compass and then compass+temp. And the colors for the compass vary as well depending on the make. And the wiring for them is sometimes different according to what car you get it from but most usually have the same ground pin just the power pins are usually different depending on how they wired it. Helpful if you can get a wire diagram from the car you pull it from.

    I never wire up the reverse wire as I don't care, on my older Gentex 313 the mirror just goes dead when in reverse so Homelink doesn't work neither does the compass. On the 453 with the way its wired homelink and compass still work.

    The mirror button mount on the windshield present on the car is the same. But these use a screw to secure it vs the tension mount that the original mirror used.

    The compass module in the car will fit on the mirror base, no surprise considering the older mirror was a Gentex 187 iirc.

    If you want it to be always on, your gonna have to run a wire from pin J to something that is always hot in the car vs using pin 7 coming from the headliner.

    My mirror came from a 2007 Maxima hence the orange backlighting for the compass.

    I have no clue if this will work on 03+ but it should work on 95-97 TC's with the side dimming mirror if it still works and isn't de-laminated.
    1997 Grand Marquis LS HPP
    2000 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series

    - Richard