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Power Window Issues

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    Power Window Issues

    From my master switch the pass rear doesn't work at all won't go up or down, but if I push the single switch at the door it works.
    On the master switch only the pass rear lights up with the lights on so it's getting power I would assume.
    Fast forward 2 weeks, put all windows down, went to put up and now neither rear will raise from the switch( before just pass rear) and they won't raise from their single switches. get home and they go up just fine.....

    Are the single switches suppose to light up?

    So does it Sound like my master switch is going out? or some sort of other gremlin?

    Corrosion on one of the pins on master switch.

    I don't think much changed with the '03+ switches other than the physical layout, but my experience is with the pre '03 switches.
    The lights in the switches are fed power separate from the functional power. So the switch can perform its function without light. The other side of that coin is the switch may not function even if there is light.

    On the master switch (driver door switch panel) if only one (or some) of the individual switches is lit up, the other bulbs (little LEDs) are burnt out since they all share power. The individual switches on the passenger front and both rear doors should also light up. Again, this is for pre '03, but I believe the same basics still apply to '03+.

    '98 switch, I took the lock/unlock button cap off. You can see the two LEDs. The window switches are the same thing just with different button caps.
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