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06er Town Car what you think

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    06er Town Car what you think

    I've been looking for a nice whale for a long time, but it's not that easy in Europe. Due to the high taxes, an import from the USA or Canada is very expensive for these build years.
    There is a low milage Town Car in Ireland for a bit more than 10k

    I don't like the aftermaket cloth top and chrome mouldings and I'm afraid of consequential damage from the roof, maybe someone has experiences?

    What you guys think about the car?
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    That car is beautiful and I would buy it in a heart beat, but I would want it to live in a garage when not driven. I think the half tops are more susceptible to leaks than the full top.

    If your willing to pay to have the top replaced when it is questionable down the road and are prepared to fix any possible underlying rust I say go for it. I would be surprised if you will find a nicer or lower mileage TC anywhere.
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      You haven't bought it yet ??? Good deal for something that low on miles. Plan to park it in a car port or garage . Something that nice has to be taken care of. That top I don't think is as bad as the older vinyl tops from the 80-90s. Agree on having it undercoated.
      Actually it is not easy to find a TC that clean and low miles for that price here in the US.


        A few things to note....
        1) the bumper covers have both been repainted. that's nothing abnormal, but a 2007 with no miles having a new radiator and condenser installed is suspicious. I would be curious why? Was it in an accident? How was the repair work done? Headlights look replaced, the rubber looks aftermarket...
        2) chrome wheel arches hold dirt, salt, etc and cause rust. if there's any way to remove them and see what's behind them, that might be a good idea. UK salts their roads, so...could be secrets behind them. And what happened to the passenger side rear one? Looks like the rubber gasket is all that remains?
        3) Cloth tops on this body style are always aftermarket installed. They can (not will) lead to rust issues if not done perfectly. Could could also have it removed and pay for body work/respray if you really want to remove it (roof, door tops, etc).
        4) Why is the headliner on the passenger side nearest the rear window already failing/drooping? A tiny bit is normal because the antenna hookup is just to the right of the 3rd brake light.
        5) Why is the driver interior door handle so heavily worn along the top? That coating flakes off in a thin layer - it will cut you like a papercut.

        I'm being hyper critical about this car - but for 10K miles, I am curious about the above...
        -Nick M.
        Columbia, SC

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          From a mere age vs. miles perspective, you have to consider adverse effects from sitting without being driven. Deterioration of seals is a big issue that comes to mind. If the battery is original, I wouldn't be planning on relying on it for very long. I'm no expert, but cars are meant to be driven and not left to sit. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being hyper-critical in this situation if the price is not mere pocket change to you. The expression "The devil is in the details" might apply.

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            Thanks for your replys... some of you really have eyes from an eagle

            Sorry for posting in the wrong forum section, maybe a admin can correct this?

            Why I haven't bought it yet? That has several reasons the car stands in another country is the main problem. There are some extra costs to think about 1700€ for transport to my country and 3000€ for fees + some repairs.
            If I had the choice, I would take a black or at least another dark color with black interior. The car is plain no seat heating, no sunroof, no powertrunk it only has those aftermaket stuff which I dont really like.

            I will get in contact with the dealer and ask for the abnormalities you found on the pic.
            1988 Lincoln Town Car
            1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV


              Moved to general since you were asking about the condition of the car.

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                Between the comments about the door pull, and the replaced parts, Notice the closeup of the instrument cluster, its cracked & crazed. I wonder if it got a low mile cluster put in it that was shipped over from the US. No reason for the cluster lens to be that messed up on a low mileage car unless it was removed and got stepped on (or crushed in a box during shipping...)