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1996 Ford Crown Victoria Trunk Weatherstrip/Seal

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    Originally posted by massacre View Post
    Wow, sorry about that.
    I got complete dew wipes, beltline, door and trunk seals from him a year or two ago. He was very helpful and the product fit perfectly.

    I had no idea about his listings getting flagged, i would not have recommended him if i had known that.
    Not a problem at all as you were being helpful! As for his EBAY situation, who really knows the reasons so he may be completely innocent so I'm not here to bash him with no facts to substantiate it.
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      I have had only a couple of Ebay listings removed due to some rule I did not know about. The best thing to do is re write the listing and don't argue with them. With the new law for online marketplaces, like Ebay, gross sales over $600 will generate some kind of 1099. If the seller did not give Ebay their SSN, then they WILL shut the seller off after repeated requests. Valid bank account information is required. Previously the limit for online sales was $20,000. Got to play the game if a person wants to sell. I wish I could do what "wagonman" can do. It would save lots of money. I just don't have the contacts.