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Front door panel interchange?

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    Front door panel interchange?

    Have a local kid that is a Panther fan and picked up a 97 Merc. Needs the front interior door panels. Is there a certain year range for these for proper fitment? He told me 95-2000 but I'm not so sure about that one. Does have power seats, etc.
    These are highly engineered precision vehicles, the first step in diagnosing the problem is to strike the suspected offending part sharply and repeatedly with a blunt object, then re-test.

    95-2000 should be correct. There are two different panels for those years as the base/police model used seats with controls on the seats while the LX/HPP/Sport uses the one with the controls on the doors. So there's that.

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    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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