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Official Exhaust Video Thread (POST YOUR VIDS!!!)

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    Official Exhaust Video Thread (POST YOUR VIDS!!!)

    Welcome to the official exhaust video thread.

    This thread is for gathering videos of member's exhaust systems. This will eventually become an archived reference article. The main purpose of this project will be to provide an audible reference source for those who want to upgrade their exhaust systems.

    -You can either post a link to a video or embed the video. Videos ONLY! No pics.
    -Give a brief description of your exhaust system. Keep it short and sweet. **Note: 85crownHPP's post is a PERFECT example to follow**
    -No tech questions or posts like "Hey, your car is awesome" allowed.
    -Any posts that can't follow the first three rules will be removed or edited. If you have any questions about this, PM me.
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    stock mustang shorty headers, 2.5" mustang H-pipe, 2.25" Walker 43281 mid-pipes, Flowmaster delta 40's, stock 2" tailpipes
    Its very quiet inside the car, almost silent at idle.

    (oil burning has been fixed, for the most part)

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      stock exhaust with a chrome exhaust tip for better exhaust flow.
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        Stock style 2" dual's with no crossover and generic 14" glasspacks. Stock manifolds and cats.

        At idle, hardly noticeable over the engine running unless your standing behind the car. Cruising speeds, very mellow with hardly any drone at all. When you stomp on it though, it sounds great. Loud and raspy. But unless your right behind the car, their not that loud at all.

        Stock exhaust with nothing at all after the last cats. Annoying loud. Drone like no tomorrow. Sounds great for a 4.6 though.
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          Manifolds, 2.25" duals, 4 cats, Magnaflow Xl Turbos in stainless steel. No tips just tailpipes turned down.

          In this video they had about 1k miles on them, now with about 3k they are much louder and rumble a little at an idle. Ill get a vid of that tomorrow maybe.
          "Shakedown"- 1991 Grand Marquis GS Dual exhaust, Magnaflow xl turbos, Rear anti sway bar, Outlaw 1 wheels, 43k miles
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            This is a vid I made of the stock exhaust after the muffler detonated. The only change was a Magnaflow muffler. This is a single pipe out the tail. I have upgraded to duals with Magnaflow cats and matching driver side pipe/muffler and an H pipe, but it still sounds the same, just a little louder when you stomp on it.

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            ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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            Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


              Mustang shorty headers, 2 1/4" exhaust and Summit performance mufflers offset center inlet/offset outlet.

              Pebbles-1968 Ford F250
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                BBK shorty 351 swap headers, 2.5" catless midpipes, old-school 40-series 2-chamber Flows, and 2.25" tails with 45* turn-downs right at the bumper:


                Sounded better in person, IMHO. Believe it or not, it was real quiet inside with the windows all up. No drone whatsoever, too. The last vid there was with the carb leaned out, 0* timing, and 2" mid pipes into two cats.
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                  351w BBK headers & H-pipe, magnaflow dumped forward of axle.

                  1984 CV tudor 351W, 4bbl, 5-speed best time in the 1/8 8.39 at 80 with 1.80 60ft time.
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                    Stock single exhaust with all stock components (cats and all) going into a offset/offset Summit Chambered Race Muffler 2.25" in/out (used reducers). Sounds pretty grumbly on idle, low RPMs have a nice thump but at high RPM's its way to smooth and blah.

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                    -1987 Crown Victoria 2-Door - Project - 90k miles, Summit chambered muffler, Sunpro gauges, parked since 2010, fate tbd


                      Vintage Box Exhaust

                      This is a recent video I took of one of the cars I own. It's a 302 2V Dual 2-inch/duraspark II
                      Smitties mufflers into 3-inch single tailpipe.


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                        some new stuff for me BBK shorties,2.5 pipes no cats, turbo mufflers,will post driving vid soon.

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                        89 townie, mild exhuast up grades, soon to have loud ass stereo....


                          Stock manifolds, stock cats, duels with glass packs, 97 town car tail pipes with resignators.

                          1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Signature Series
                          351 4 bbl, AOD, 3.08 open
                          duel exhaust with cherry bombs


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                              No cats, 2-inch duels, thrush hush, and tweaked 2100 carb.