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Quietest performance mufflers

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    Quietest performance mufflers

    need to select the quietest muffler possible for the boulevard cruiser
    it needs to be 2.5" ofset ofset
    currently set up for a 14" body muffler.......thrush turbos is what's on it now, a little too loud for donalds liking, and the right one took a hit from a boulder and the baffles inside let go.....well it had to come off to get the control arm bolts out.
    heres what i'm thinking for the car, i cant find anything short enough in a stock replacement muffler, i can prob get a 16" body in there, but 18" is gonna be pushing it

    heres a list of what i have to pick from in the no i'm not paying alot for that muffler category.

    summit turbos 28 ea
    cherry bomb turbos 34 ea
    thrush hush turbo mufflers 45 ea
    dynomax super turbos 47 ea
    cherry bomb pro muffler 47 ea
    magnaflow xl 49 ea
    walker quiet flow III 56 ea (application for newer late model mopar)

    let me know what u think, remember going for opinions on quietest.

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    Just a suggestion. Add a pair of long glass packs to whatever you use. Install them under the floor pans. My old 91 had a set along with a set of generic mufflers in the stock location. The idea was to use some exhaust cutouts, to select between quiet, or loud, but the cutouts I got were very poor quality, and I never got around to finding better ones. That car was so quiet the only thing you could hear was the intake sucking air under heavy throttle, and the smog pump making noise, LOL.
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      I am a huge fan of the Dynomax super turbos , they are very quiet unless you get really heavy on the go pedal , same goes for the Cherry Bomb turbos , but I personally found the Dynomax to perform better in the "butt o meter"

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        My car has Dynomax super turbos as well with shorty headers, no cats, and 2.5" piping front to back. It's damn near stock quiet cruising and lets out a growl when you put your foot down.
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          I have been told that the Dynamax Hemi Super Turbos are fairly quiet, but they're longer than stock muffs. I'm in the same boat as you Scott. My Summit welded muff separated @ the inlet tube. I'm thinking of replacing that one muff with the same piece and in the future get glasspacks at the tailpipes to quiet the CV down. Basically what Goodsamaritan said. Out of curiosity; how are you gonna get the muff off of the exhaust pipes?



            What about using reducers to fit a larger (longer case and larger diameter) muffler? I dont think you can go any quieter than a turbo muffler (they all seem about the same) without giving up any semblance of performance. Maybe by going up to 3 inch inlet/outlet mufflers you could run a non-performance style muffler for sound but still have it not be a big restriction because it's passages are oversized for the system.

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              I'm all for Quiet Flows (at least in concept). I'd be shocked if anything else was quieter.

              What PN QuietFlow are you looking at? The only 2.5" in/out offset/offset I could find a while back was for some Caddy or other, and (IIRC) cost a lot more too.
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                the summit turbos on my car weren't very loud, but they weren't much quieter than the mufflers it has now. When I got my car, it had Quietflow mufflers on it, and they were pretty much silent.

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