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can I use a stock mustang ECU on a Explorer intake?

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    can I use a stock mustang ECU on a Explorer intake?

    Now that I have the intake now for the rest of the story. I need something to control it. Would a mustang EFI wiring harness and computer handle it?

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    Are you running a HO or Explorer cam already? If you are, using the Mustang ECU should be no issue. If you're still using a regular LoPo cam, then the Mustang computer will not work correctly.

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      and I wouldn't advise putting an Explorer intake on an otherwise stock engine. Someone did that years ago and reported that the bottom end performance went to crap. Thats all the lopo has going for it so losing the bottom end and having no top end just makes it a total turd.

      If you are using an HO cam, you can use the Mustang ECM and re-pin the stock harness to add mass air. The Fox chassis harness doesn't lay in there very well at all, much easier to modify the one you already have since it actually fits the engine bay.

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        Also, if you aren't tuning it, you need to use the mustang 19Lb injectors as well with it, or it'll run really lean


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