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AOD valve body 2-3 shift

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  • clutch47
    Here's what I have for pix. His work is exceptional in my opinion and I'm going to build another AOD with him.

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  • Brown_Muscle
    started a topic AOD valve body 2-3 shift

    AOD valve body 2-3 shift

    I'm hoping someone on here will have some in depth knowledge of how AOD valve bodies work...I've modified several with shift kits. I know silverfox makes a modification to allow for a higher 2-3 shift. Mine shift 1-2 around 5800rpm.... 2-3 is maybe around 4900rpm... it really sucks, especially on at highway speeds. I'd like to make the 2-3 shift later.... anyone have any experience with this? Or even have a picture of a silverfox valve body with the shift adjustment screws?