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Swayze’s 84 to 05 Swap

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    Originally posted by 87gtVIC View Post
    Gonna be so cool. I wish my pops was this enthusiastic about what I wanted! God bless ya.
    Man, I have steered a few things but I have consulted with her on everything. Trying to let her make all the calls as much as possible.


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      Taking another play from Serge’s playbook. I was going to use the old switches and wire them in. It just made too much sense to use the 05’s. Still gotta fine tune and clean up and plastic weld in place but I think it’s gonna work out.


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        Got the dash primed after plastic welding a few cracks here and there…oh, don’t be lusting over my 81 Vandura Shorty van with LS swap. Had to put it on hold for my daughters build
        . I also have an 86 foxbody that’s a down to metal restoration with coyote swap. It’s currently in paint shop prison lol


          You are keeping busy!


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            Got dash painted and cleaned, primed and painted several of the other interior pieces


              Looks great man


                Very nice indeed!

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                Originally posted by ootdega
                My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."
                Originally posted by DerekTheGreat
                But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck




                    Added keyless entry and push button ignition. No fuel in yet but it should fire on up. Working on multifunction switch. Been racking my brain trying to sort out how to tie 05 wiring into 84 switches. Ended up dismantling the 05 column and removing the switch from it. Removed the 84 switch as well and the 05 bolted right on to the 84 column. Will have to modify the column cover to accommodate the hazard button but I have to modify it anyway because ignition and column shift have been removed. I'm having issues posting pics, its like the site locks up.