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2nd GMN CFI to SEFI swap

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    Wiring update:

    I finally got around to (almost a year later) hooking up everything needed to use the 91 harness' start circuit, which involved basically splicing the two systems' transmission wiring harnesses together.
    I began to do this when i first did the conversion, but a few wires were different and it was already starting with the old start circuit anyway...

    Now with the help of my new electro-mojo device and some EVTM homework, I almost have it all wrapped up.

    What I did was to make a jumper harness with harvested pigtails (to keep from modifying the original harnesses) between the mismatched and not wired-the-same ends NSS connector. This is C113 on the 91 harness (round gray connector near the atf dipstick) and C319(square gray plug near the atf dipstick) on the '85 harness.
    Three of the four wires are the same in color and function; white/pink for the 'start' going into the NSS, purple/orange for the input for the reverse light switch (combo with the NSS), and black/pink for the output to the reverse lights.
    The fourth and confusing connection is just left open for now. On the 91's engine harness end is the switched O2 sensor heater wire, which i might try to wire in one day. The other end is the old 'start' output (red/blue) which is now unused, since in the 91 harness it goes out through C101 (black round plug next to C113) along with the O2 signal wires and the integrated cruise wiring. The 85's cruise is standalone, so its wiring will remain but i can remove the 85's old NSS wiring now.

    This also cured the high-rev startup problem as I'd hoped, killing two birds with one stone.
    There is also a 'start' connection over on the drivers fender in C105 (where i wired in the 'run" wire), but it doesn't seem to do much of anything except splice into the 'run' wire and go the same places it goes after the NSS connector... I might try to wire that in later today...

    Anyways here are some pics of the madness.. gotta do your homework for stuff like this!!! The loom is left on the jumper harness for the pic because one pigtail i used was from a 83 vic and the wire colors weren't the same...
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      probably explorer cam... I dont need a top end screamer, just something that will get up to speed quickly.
      Torque Monster! Heh