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    Originally posted by torquelover View Post
    I do miss my power point, though.
    Pretty sure it was AutoZone where I once bought a little stand-alone lighter outlet. Came with a little attached rubber cap to keep junk out of it and a 90-degree mounting bracket.
    2012 Mazda5 Touring | Finally working on the LTD again!


      Originally posted by gabegt90 View Post
      my guage is just a sunpro temp guage does'nt mounting the 3 gauges under the ashtry weight it down?
      Yes, they weigh it down a bit. It doesn't close as much as it did before, but the tray is still strong enough to stay shut.


        Originally posted by P72Ford View Post
        I'll have to try that. My lighting looks like a cross between blue and green, like teal. I need some of those blue bulb condoms...
        Trust me, if you open up your instrument panel right now, you'll find blue plasic caps. When the clear lights hit them, they give off a more greenish color, but they are blue.