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Speedometer repair?

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    Speedometer repair?

    In case any of you are having speedometer problems, you can purchase re-pop gears from this website
    It appears that they only have parts for the '90 to '97 Vics. I can assume that they'd interchange with different years as well. I found this while digging around on the interwebs.

    This should probably be stickied or saved somewhere.

    Other sources added as reported in later posts:
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    1985.03 Crown Vic. Coupe "CVGT" Build thread - china whirlybird, burnout machine.
    The only 6 speed box on a late model frame.

    Originally posted by SVT98t
    It has air ride. I've disabled it since I've been jacking it up and down.

    That is how you're supposed to jack it.

    Up and down.

    -ryan s.

    This should probably be stickied, although their prices seem on the high side. Got mine on ebay for like 10 bucks, all 4 of them. Genuine ford. Either way, there should be a sticky about odometer gear replacement since it's such a common fail point on our cars. Thanks for bringing it back into the spotlight Logan.


      better prices:

      Thanks to mcninetyone for that link via this thread:

      Also... Stickied. Also added link to first post.

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      Originally posted by gadget73
      ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
      Originally posted by dmccaig
      Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


        The trip odo in the beater broke last year. The main one still lives. When it dies I'll pull the cluster and overhaul it
        Good for stickyinginging so I can find it later.
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