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Town Car dash interchange

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    Town Car dash interchange

    Did 1991-1997 Town Car bodies change at all apart from front and rear fascias? Would 1997 dash bolt up to 1991 body? I know the interior looks different but do the bolt holes all line up? Taking this even further, will 1991-1997 dash bolt up to the box body Town Car? Did curvature of the windshield on Aero Town Car change?

    As far as I can tell the same basic dash configuration was used for all panthers '90+ when it comes to bolts and such.
    I'm not familiar with box Town Cars, but if they are configured with the same bolt holes in the firewall as box CV/MGM then the swap you're asking about would be the same as the dash swap in your Mod Box.

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      Sounds like someone is planning another interesting project that will be interesting to follow along on.


        reasonably sure boxes have a flatter windshield. Never measured it but just eyeballing it they don't look the same to me.

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