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    quick Linc question

    what kind of fuel system is in an 81 townie?? my cousin is looking at an 81 and it screams electronic fuel injection all over it. i thought EFI wasn't available till 84?

    thanks guys!

    It's the CFI setup, Lincolns got that before the other two Panther cars.


      ahhhh... ok. any good??


        No but plenty convert it to carburetors and they are better.

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          EEC III CFI to be specific. Almost entirely different than 84-85 CFI. Parts are expensive and hard to find. They are also totally different than 84+ parts. Runs fine when running, but diagnostics can be a bitch. If the car is really nice, and the price is right don't let the injection stuff scare you away. If it bombs on you, you can bolt a 2bbl carb down to the stock intake and make it run, or multiport inject it.

          EEC III isn't really that horrible, but nobody knows how to work on it. Its also got some wierd things compared to what most are used to, a big one being the ignition system, and the timing is not adjustable. It uses a crankshaft trigger and a Duraspark ignition box instead of the more familier distributor mounted module. The distributor is nothing more than a rotor, and you can't adjust the timing by spinning it around. The sensors are all specific to 81-83 models as well.

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            alright. i'll let him know. this thing is mice. one dent in the body, pass 1\4 panel but not bad, couple cracked lights but the interior looks immaculate. for $800 i dont think its to bad a deal.