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    I welded two "angle brackets" (I just bent sheetmetal) to the midpoints at the tops of the whale ashtray frame, and drilled two new holes in the lower dashboard frame to run screws through to hold the unit to the dashboard. The front of the whale ashtray frame normally clips into something on the whale dashboard, I cut out more metal to jam in those clips and screw it to the box dashboard. Then I stuck wood pattern shelf liner over everything.

    The whale cupholder is a much bigger unit than the factory ashtray so the footwell upper carpeting has to be cut or bent around it.

    It's a very hacky job that gained me usable cupholders, extra power point, and a small cubby. Anything for more storage space in this car.

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      That's what I was wondering how the physical fitment was. Might be a bit hacky like you said, but super convenient.
      That '03+ cupholder ashtray physically is a direct swap for '95-'02, and wiring up the 12V/Cig lighter ports.

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