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Lemans Stripes on a Marauder

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    Lemans Stripes on a Marauder

    I've always wanted to do stripes on my Marauder after seeing the sexy beast a couple years ago --> linky
    Just imagine those stripes on the car to the right of it (chrome grill) and you'd be looking at mine.

    Now I find this and it has me thinking really hard about pulling the trigger:
    Specifically, two 10" stripes with a 1" gap.

    I ordered their color chart and samples of the matte black, gloss white and dark gray. The dark gray was too bland, so that's out. Gloss white is what's on the Marauder above. I think I like the Matte Black, it would almost be like a ghost stripe. Then on my way to work this morning I was driving behind a 2005 Mustang GT with 10" silver metallic stripes that looked really good.

    Just to let you know how serious I am about this, I actually mocked this up on the hood a few weeks back --> Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4
    I just don't know if I like the stripe over the top of the grill or not. I don't know if I'd to the roof either.

    OK, let me have it. I've got $120 burning a hole in my pocket to try on those white stripes.
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    Sweet! I think a flat black would be kickass. That is something you don't see everyday. Do it.
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      Please, no. They only look good on race cars( and only a few at that). I see so many cars with stripes and they look horrible.

      That other marauder looks riced with them.
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        I think the blue one really needs to be seen in person to appreciate the full effect though. IMHO it really makes the car. It was written up in a Super Rod magazine last year --> Pic

        My idea is just to refine it a little more to my liking with wider stripes with a lot less gap. The white may be a little too much, but the matte black is something that I am really curious to see if the Maraude could pull off.

        Here's a pic of the matte black on a black car --> Pic (scroll to bottom).

        All opinions are appreciated. Believe me, the only reason I haven't ordered this yet is I'm still debating on it.
        Supercharged '03 Mercury Marauder - SOLD


          That confirms my thoughts. Go with matte black!
          2000 Mustang GT "Blondie", 2000 CVPI "Sargent Crusty"


            I say do either the matte black or the silver. as for the grille, if you want to keep the chrom one leave it unstriped, if you put the stock one back in, then stripe it.
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              Either the matte black or nothing at would just make the car look cheap

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                Go with a light metalic silver. And go all the way to the grill. I think it will look pretty sweet, to be honest, I actualy like the blue tape. I think the viberant blue really sets it off. Just have to get wider stripes than most people do, because of the wider car.

                These guys don't have any artistic appreciation.....they are all go no show :p

                This is what I want to do to my Vic eventualy....though it should be silver not white. Nodody likes it, but I do.
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                  I think the matte black better than your other options.
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                      Originally posted by Blaze86Vic
                      These guys don't have any artistic appreciation.....they are all go no show :p

                      I'm really leaning towards the matte black. I wish I wouldn't have sold my black badgeless grill awhile back, that would have been kickass. I still have my stock grill if the chrome doesn't look right with the black stripes. The whole thing about doing this in 3M automotive grade vinyl is if I don't like it or grow tired of it it'll come off no harm / no foul.
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                      Supercharged '03 Mercury Marauder - SOLD


                        Ever think of a satin silver stripe like those on Eleanor? I think black with silver strips would look nice.

                        I think your idea of the wider stripes with less gap is a combo too.

                        I am not too sure about a glossy black car with matte black strips. Just don't seem to go together to me.
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                          Originally posted by mrltd
                          Please, no. They only look good on race cars( and only a few at that). I see so many cars with stripes and they look horrible.
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                            I like it, go for it!!!

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