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My New 1978 Ford LTD

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    No real updates here. Car has continued to be reliable and fun to drive. I need to get up to speed on my repainting of sections that need it but that will now have to wait until Spring.

    Passenger front turn signal socket crapped out on me so I soldered and heat shrinked a new one in. So far so good. I also was able to do some more under body rust painting while doing the oil change last month. Bottom of this car is cleaner than my Crown Vic.

    Car was running a little lean which would make it run on the hotter side. Adjusted the carb and now it picks up off the line a bit better, runs smoother and most importantly, doesn't run on the hot side anymore.

    '78 LTD | '87 Grand Marquis | '89 Crown Vic (RIP) | '91 Grand Marquis (RIP) | '94 Town Car (RIP) | '97 Town Car (RIP)


      Long time no see buddy, glad to hear all is well. Far as vehicle progess goes, any is better than none like i'm doing these days...