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    Not bad, but I've never been terribly impressed with magnaflow but for a few exceptions. Wish I'd made video of my '98 before I got rid of it. My buddy since got rid of the mufflers I had on it and put some lame turbo mufflers on it. Pretty much sounds like a stock p71 now. I had 2-1/4" from the cats back with an x-pipe, 9" glasspacks, and 3.5" black powder-coat slash cut tips. It was pretty mellow but got exponentially angrier/noisier the harder you pushed the gas. Took a few years and multiple muffler/pipe arrangements before I was satisfied. At that point the thing really holding it back was the bone-stock engine. Have seen guys with the full stainless works or OBX exhaust that sound like ass. Mod motors are finicky about exhaust and mixed results go from mild to wild. Just different cars sometimes will sound different with certain exhaust.

    At the end of the day, come up with an idea, watch some crap on youtube, then make your decision and see how it plays out. I'm not thrilled with how my exhaust sounds now but it's not shitty really. Just not awesome. Part of that is the boring, bone-stock turd of a LOPO coupled with way more exhaust that I need for the current arrangement. There's a lesson in there somewhere, but I try to prepare for future madness.

    If you don't plan on doing crazy things to beef up your engine, don't put 3" exhaust on your car, it won't sound good. Flip side of that coin is that 2" is probably not gonna cut it for your blown stroker motor.

    How many people do you know running Moroso Spiral flow mufflers? Yeah, me neither, lol. Heard one mustang on youtube that sounded good with them so I went for it. Woo!


      Straight pipes.

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      The only 6 speed box on a late model frame.

      Originally posted by SVT98t
      It has air ride. I've disabled it since I've been jacking it up and down.

      That is how you're supposed to jack it.

      Up and down.

      -ryan s.


        Originally posted by knucklehead0202 View Post
        No, straight pipes are for beaners with terrible wheels and curb feelers. Is that what we're trying to propagate here? Respect the car and do something tasteful. If you want to sparkly-paint it, put hydraulics on it, and make us all look like jerks then god be with you but I hardly think that represents these vehicles well. Find a good exhaust shop to do some bending and put a decent set of mufflers on there, hopefully not dronemasters but that's your personal choice.
        There is nothing wrong with lowriders, some of them are down right beautiful and have countless hours of work and detail put into them. Donks are another story however.

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