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    Does a Duraspark system use a ballast resistor? If so, do you have one / the right one installed? I won't profess to be well versed in Ford stuff, just pondering. Also, is the coil on a Duraspark system different than the coil used on the CFI ignition stuff?

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    Originally posted by phayzer5
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


      He had to cut one off to get it to work.
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        Re: Newest theory..

        Originally posted by grand_marquis_gt
        Jon mentioned that cause of ,my setup, my fuel bowl will emppty itself overnight, so I figured out how to get the car to start..

        Turn the key on, without cranking for around 10 secs...allow the fuel pressure to fill the fuel bowl.

        It will fire right up.

        But I still have a problem with the car bogging right out at mild acceleration 1/8-1/4 throttle. my timing is dead on. idle sucks too. Sounds like its got a miss. I may change the plugs later.

        What does everyone else think?

        When warmed up, and I stomp it, it will get right up and go!
        Do you have oxygenated fuel where you live?


          Originally posted by grand_marquis_gt
          Well, the damn thing quit for a few min on my this morning.

          I get out and piss around under the hood, and my module is HOT AS FUCK! the coil isnt even that warm, and its right by the fuckin motor!

          Today I will write down the wiring I have done. I am using a van distributor, and van module. The colours are all whacky, and if you have them mixed around, you wont get ANY spark. wtf?

          So there has to be only one way to wire them, or it wont fuckin work.

          I hope when I call my insurance co., they total the fucker. im getting sick of this shit. :nonono:
          Did you hook up power to the red or white wire coming out of the Duraspark ignition module? Do you have a 'blue' module?


            I have my duraspark box zip tied to the inner plastic fender, and my only ground for it is the one through the dist. I also use my MSD TFI coil with no ballast resistor, its worked fine since my swap.

            I've talked him through the wiring a few times on the phone and sent him the diagrams i used. The only thing different in his setup is that distributor and the different color wires

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              misses are good and so is the shitty idle. why you ask? cuz now you dont have to buy a lummpy cam! people will think its got some bad ass motor under the hood, like my car...if you diengage the choke in cold weather, it shakes and all that funky stuff!

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