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{CARB-SWAP}Coil resistor help

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    When I fix a problem on an EFI car I just feel overwhelming relief. It's mostly a matter of guessing which part to replace.

    When you tune a point set and a carb and get it running right there's sense of accomplishment that I just don't get from electronics. Most guys just don't get how the carb, points, and advance curve all have to work together.

    The thing is it's fun when you want to do it but a pain in the ass when you HAVE to do it.

    EFI is more expensive but it is easier to get the smooth flat torque curve and driveability and mileage compared to carbs. Set it and forget it!
    I may have to grow old but I don\'t have to grow up!

    Rides: 2k Mustang GT, 91 Grand Marquis, 93 C1500, 76 Vette (Corvette- not Chevette), 79 Thunderbird Formula F20 (boat)