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EFI H.O. Conversion 101 --UNDER CONSTRUCTION--

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    EFI H.O. Conversion 101 --UNDER CONSTRUCTION--

    Basic EFI HO Conversion 101

    Links and additional information included below this article.

    Parts Needed:

    -E7 Heads: Found on 87-93 Mustangs, 89-92 Lincoln Mark 7's and 87-96 E/F series w/302 (351w has larger head bolts)
    -HO ECM: Engine computer (Mark 7 to keep cruise on the 88-91 boxes, 86-88 mustang for the 86-87 box)
    -19Lb injectors: 86-up mustang, 89-92 mark 7, 87-96 E/F series trucks (302/351)... They have an orange top.
    -HO upper intake: 87-93 Mustang, 89-92 Mark 7
    -HO Throttle body
    -HO cam: 86-93 Mustang, 89-92 Mark 7

    Modifications needed:

    -1. Throttle Body: The linkage arms on the throttle bodies need to be swapped. It's easy and straightforward. Grind, swap reattach with screw, JB weld, or actually weld it.
    -2. EGR Spacer: The EGR spacer will need to be enlarged to 63mm. A couple minutes on a lathe fixes it up. The 93-95 Ford lightning and some Aussie Fords use a similar EGR spacer if you can find it. Machine shops are usually able to do this without issue for a fee.
    -3. Upper Intake: The H.O. upper intake will not clear the stock fuel rail on the driver's side. There are two ways to fix this: 1) grind a small amount of the upper intake out where it contacts the fuel rail; or, 2) install an intake spacer.

    -Wiring: There are no changes to the wiring. However, now would be a good time to do a 3G alternator upgrade.

    -Exhaust: 2.25" or 2.5" dual exhaust is recommended.

    -Headers: Mustang shorties work and are a direct bolt in when switching to the Mustang H-pipe (with converters or without).

    -Transmission: Mustang/Mark 7 Governor. Raises the shift points to match the engines power band.

    -Fuel Pressure: Some can get away with the stock pump. But not all. Check your fuel pressure and make sure it's good at WOT.

    -Timing: Make sure your timing is correct. If it's off, it'll kill your power and mileage. Bump it to 12-14* for a little extra HP, just pay attention to detonation, if it happens, back the timing off.
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    Throttle body/EGR spacer

    H.O linkage on the left, lopo on the right. Have to grind both of them off and then swap the lopo onto the HO one, then tack it back in place.

    Difference in the throttle bodies

    Lopo linkage on HO throttle body

    Lopo EGR spacer on left, HO on the right, before boring out.

    Lopo on the left, HO on the right, after boring out.