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94-95 5.0L HO

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    94-95 5.0L HO

    Well I joined a mustang fact haha I did it to find some more specific info on this particular engine. Got some good and bad news.

    Good news. the 94-95 Cobra uses a 1.7ratio Roller rocker (already new) and have now verified that the Cobra and HO valve covers are the same YEAH!

    Bad news. 94 and up 5.0Ls use Hypereutectic pistons instead of forged. :-( But I'll be fine untill I get that paxton installed.. :evil:

    Is yours a Cobra engine though? I wouldn't think so since they have different heads and intakes. If its a reg HO it should be non-roller 1.6 rockers like the rest of them. I have Cobra roller rockers on mine. Got them on the cheap, slightly used on Ebay. They are just Crane rockers. Even has Crane Cams stamped right into them. They just aren't blue or gold like retail, and they also have a Ford part number stamped on them.

    The VCs may be the same, but I think you're going to have to cut the baffles out of the insides for clearance. The rockers apparently will hit if you don't. This is hearsay tho, but I have personally seen a Mark VII with 1.7 rockers installed that had a hole worn through the VC from the rocker. Not sure what brand rockers he was using, or the whole story on that job though.

    I have forged pistons. neener neener neener. The have TRW logos on them too. :evil:

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      No i don't have a cobra motor, however, I was wondring because even worse than your VCs, the 94-95 are even shorter. I should call my parts guy up and have him do a part search to see if the part number for the 94-95 cobra and the HO VCs are different.


        These valve covers have 1.6 roller rockers under them, you have to remove the baffle for it to work though

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          Those are much taller than mine. Hard to believe that even though the Cobras have the same height VCs they have 1.7 rollers in them.


            94-95 mustang valve covers are EXACTLY the same as the lo-po, stamped steel valve covers used from 86 to 91 on the CV/GM/TC and thunderbird/cougar.
            93-95 Cobra valve covers are also the same construction except they have COBRA stamped in them.

            They switched because the stamped steel construction was cheaper to make and the 1.7 rocker arms, made for Ford by Crane cams, would clear the stamped steel covers.

            I have a set of Cobra valve covers on my car, someone gave them to me.
            these valve covers are obsolete through Ford and appearently fetch a pretty penny when in new or like new condition.

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              Originally posted by DuceAnAHalf
              These valve covers have 1.6 roller rockers under them, you have to remove the baffle for it to work though

              I ran the blue Ford racing 1.6 roller rockers with stock 1990 mustang valve covers with the stock baffles. I used the extra thick(double thickness) Fel-Pro cork/steel gaskets and longer bolts.