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Ford Contour Electric Fan Retrofit/Conversion.

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    yeah... mine was crap. The transmission grenaded by dropping into 1st at 70 and overspun the engine to the tune of 8+K rpm (estimated by the distance past the last marking that the needle moved on the tach). The guy that bought it from me and put a new engine and trans in it said the old one had destroyed the dizzy gear, blown head gasket, and the trans was completely screwed.

    Never got better than 24 mpg in that thing... and typical city mileage was about 18.

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    Originally posted by gadget73
    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.
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    Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


      Maybe the older ones were more efficient? Still got decent pickup for a low HP engine and the MPG's are still good. Only non-stock change was a K&N filter that went into the original air box.

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