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Cleaning your Throttlebody for 92-95 (96+ apply mostly as well)

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    Cleaning your Throttlebody for 92-95 (96+ apply mostly as well)

    96+ Has a bit different method than 92-95. I will write a guide for 96+ as well, but its pretty much the same procedure, just use common sense and you should get through it.

    What you will need:
    Throttle body cleaner (2.99 from your local auto parts store)
    A old toothbrush (free, if you don't brush your teeth, around 1.50 from a local drug store)
    A socket set / screwdriver
    A gift card / butter knife (not pictured)
    Old Tshirt / soft cloth (optional) (not pictured)
    Common sense (not pictured)

    1st. Remove the IAC tube from the intake silencer / ziptube.

    2. Disconnect ziptube / air intake silencer by unscrewing the following screw

    3. Pull ziptube / air intake off of throttle body. Please note that in the pictures below, i was unable to remove the rubber fitting off of the air intake. You can use a combination of WD40 and a butter knife or other non sharp object to get it off. I personally used a gift card after the fact to remove it later. If this fitting does not come off and the intake comes in along with it DO NOT WORRY, it should pop right back in.

    After this, it is time to clean the throttle body itself.
    4. Take your throttle body cleaner and spray in the throttle body (butterfly valve closed). A 3 second spray should be good enough. After this, pull the throttle linkage to WOT position (have the butterfly valve move a full 90*) and spray the back of the butterfly valve for 2-3 seconds. Set the cleaner down after doing this and go to step 5.

    Pictured below is WOT position of the throttlebody

    5. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and lightly try to get the carbon / dirt off of the front and back of the butterfly valve and the throttle body itself. Be careful not to scratch the throttle body.

    After this, you can do 2 things.

    1. Spray more cleaner down the throttlebody and practically shoot all the carbon down the intake into the manifold (if you do this, i recommend running seafoam after the fact and changing the plugs). Make sure to shoot the inside of the plenum (thats the metal tube that connects the throttle body to the manifold) with throttle body cleaner as well.
    2. Take a old t shirt / soft material to wipe off the residue in the throttle body.

    I personally chose option A as i change my plugs often and i was about due to change them. I recommend changing your plugs after doing option A for the reason of fouling the plugs up, but i don't believe that this is necessary.
    6. Reattach the ziptube / intake silencer and reconnect the IAC hose.
    7. Start the car up. The car MAY hesitate on startup, but do not be alarmed. The car MAY run rough at first and smoke MAY come out the tail pipe. Dismiss this and wait a 2 mins and drive it around the block a few times.
    8. You are done. If you have a check engine light, pull the codes and go from there. If the code is for a misfire, i would simply dismiss this, clear the code, and worry if the code comes back.
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