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Torque Specs 5.0L {Engine}

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  • gadget73
    Good info, here's the head pattern
    and the intake pattern
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  • Blaze86Vic
    started a topic Torque Specs 5.0L {Engine}

    Torque Specs 5.0L {Engine}

    Found these on the internet at one of the many Mustang places, and thought it would be usefull for us as well. Keep in mind they are for the mustang engines.

    5.0L Torque Specs
    Belhousing to engine bolts 28-38 ft/lbs
    Camshaft sprocket bolt 40-45 ft/lbs
    Camshaft thrust plate to engine block bolts 108-144 in/lbs
    Crankshaft pulley to vibration damper bolts 35-50 ft/lbs
    Cylinder head bolts
    --Step 1 55-65 ft/lbs
    --Step 2 65-72 ft/lbs
    --Step 1 25-35 ft/lbs
    --Step 2 45-55 ft/lbs
    --Step 3 75-85 ft/lbs
    Differential shaft lock bolt 15-30 ft/lbs
    Driveshaft U-joint to pinion flange bolts 70-95 ft/lbs
    Exhaust manifold bolts 26-32 ft/lbs
    Flywheel mounting bolts 75-85 ft/lbs
    Front engine mount nuts 72-98 ft/lbs
    Intake manifold to head bolts
    --Step 1 96 in/lbs
    --Step 2 16ft/lbs
    --Step 3 23-25 ft/lbs
    Intake manifold (upper intake to lower) 12-18 ft/lbs
    Oil filter insert to engine block adapter bolt 20-30 ft/lbs
    Oil pan mounting bolts
    --Step 1 (Large bolts) 11-13 ft/lbs
    --Step 1 (Short bolts) 7-9 ft/lbs
    --Step 2 (Large Bolts) 15-17 ft/lbs
    --Step 2 (Short Bolts) 10-12 ft/lbs
    -1980 to 1987 9-11 ft/lbs
    -1988 to 1993 6-9 ft/lbs
    -1994-up 110-144 in/lbs
    Oil pickup tube to main bearing cap nut 22-32 ft/lbs
    Oil pickup tube to oil pump bolts
    -1979 to 1987 10-15 ft/lbs
    -1988-up 12-18 ft/lbs
    Oil pump mounting bolts 22-32 ft/lbs
    Pinion bearing preload 8-14 in/lbs
    Pressure plate to flywheel bolts 12-24 ft/lbs
    Rocker arm fulcrm bolts 18-25 ft/lbs
    Spark plugs 7-14 ft/lbs
    Timing chain cover bolts 12-18 ft/lbs
    Vibration damper to crackshaft bolt 110-130 ft/lbs
    Wheel lug nuts 85-105 ft/lbs