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    Yes they do, but it would still require major reworking under the hood. If the intake was a 1/4" taller it would interfear with the wiper motor. So I would be forced to either rebuild the entire wipe setup, or reverse the plenum.

    And to be perfectly honest, the fact that my under hood looks like NO OTHER panther out there, makes me feel a little better


      Got the sucky valve covers and the new valve springs in today. The passanger side valve cover has had significant damage done to it, and has been banged back into a realatively ok shape. But no where near the "excellent condition" that the seller stated to me and in the description several times. Worth maybe $40-$50 NOT $140! :cuss:
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        I'd go to the airport with the return address from the package he sent you, buy a one-way ticket, beat the shit out of him until he wished he was dead, then hitch a way back home (to save the price of the round trip).

        Those springs are sessy. Ready to get myself some!
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          sucky on the V/C

          How did you do the springs, compressed air in the cyls or did you do the pack full of rope method?

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          Originally posted by phayzer5
          I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


            Have not done the job yet, but I am going to do the rope trick, it's the easiest most safe method.


              Ok I find it rather odd that this does not have the actual install of these parts in it....I can't remember if I did post it in here or not, but here is the install of the parts.

              1st, on the topic of the valve covers, the stock stamped steel black valve covers do have clearance for these 1.7 roller rockers. SO you do not need to go buy aftermarket valve covers or the super rare 94-95 Cobra covers to run these.

              2nd, on the rebuilt injectors....FAIL!!!! Half the injectors were not firing when I first installed them, after tapping on them with a hammer for a while the pintles finally freed up and they were working enough to go to work. I replaced them with Ford Racing 19lb/hr injectors (which are no different that OEM 19lb/hr injectors, same part number, same Denso brand, except they're cheaper.)

              3rd, to hold the valves up while I replaced the springs I would lower the piston I was working on to the bottom of the cylinder, then stuff as much small rope as I could into the chamber through the spark plug hole, then crank the engine over by hand till the piston was pushing the rope up against the head. This way makes it impossible for the valves to fall into the chamber no matter what.

              4th, the Crane roller rockers are also a Ford OEM part. They came on the Cobra engine factory, and as such have a Ford and a Crane part number.


                How much taller were the new roller rockers as opposed to the factory rockers?


                  Sorry, I didn't measure them to find out. They fit in the stock valve covers just fine though.


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