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{ENGINE} Super Unknown - header install

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    {ENGINE} Super Unknown - header install

    Okay, so this isn't going as well as I had hoped. I can't seem to seperate the cats from the manifolds (even the impact wrench won't budge 'em), so I'm going to try and take 'em out as one piece. I even soaked it down with PB Blaster. The driver's side manifold bolts are all coming out. The passenger side is the problem.

    Also, vac lines are breaking on me. One from a emission valve broke, but I'm not worried about that. The one that does worry me is the one pictured below. Can anyone tell me what it is for and how I should go about getting a new one?

    Link to more info in other thread.
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    Trace the vac line back to where it begins. That looks like a small vac reservoir that it attaches to.

    As for the manifold/cat thing, I just now remembered that I also could not break the bolts free while the manifolds were attached to the engine. I had to take them out as one peice. Even when I got them out, I had to cut one of the bolts for the flange to get the downpipes off. Those things are gonna be a bitch, I had to put most of my weight on them to get them off. I think on the drivers side you can bring the manifold up and out, but on teh passenger side you have to drop the manifold down between the engine and the frame.
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      that red one should go to the tree that is in the back of the upper manifold.
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        The red vac line is attacked to the unit below it. There are sever vac lines that come into that unit from the emission valves and from somewhere around the back of the intake. I may end up leaving it 'til the rest is done.


          that is emissions vacuum storage. red line = direct vacuum = bad vacuum leak. Just patch the line the best way you can.
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            Justin, this is how I did my vacuum lines, this is as simple as it can get without removing the EGR system:


              Thanks, Ivan.

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                Got the O2 sensor issue solved. The guys at CarQuest rock. I got the right ones now. CarQuest part number: OXY 75-1517. Long wires indeed.

                Tom has his hacksaw. I have my angle grinder of mass destruction. I pulled both sides w/ manifolds connected to the cats. Driver's side manifold caught on the shift linkage. Enter angle grinder. There's no going back now. Passenger side came down and jammed. Two hard kicks and it dropped. Whew. Those bastards have some weight to 'em.


                  Yes they do

                  Actually, the hacksaw is reserved for when my sawzaw batteries go dead :hacksaw:
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                    i use the hoterench hehe
                    monty easy fix for that vac line........get some small windshield washer tubing that will fit over the plastic line......use a little weasel piss to make the tubing slide over the plastic line easier

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                      If there is enough room, just pull the remainder of the vac line out of the elbow and put the other end in there....

                      And advance sells the hard vac line also. Only in black though.
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                        Well, S.U. finally has headers and no cats. Yay! Didn't get a chance to fire her up tonight. I have to run down tomorrow and pick up an O2 sensor that I have on order and some rubber line (Thanks for the info, Scott). Hoping I can get an appt. tomorrow to get the glasspacks put in. I just hope there are no leaks. Had a little trouble getting the H-pipe to match up to one header. I put a bead of Hi-Temp Silicone sealant around each port on both sides of the gaskets. Used 1 1/4" bolts with both types of washers. Pretty much everything is back together except for the air box, but I need to gain access to the O2 sensor plug, yet.

                        Btw, I replaced my oil pressure sending unit. Turns out the old one had just sucked in a strand of teflon tape and was plugged. Sometimes it's just the little things that get you.

                        All in all, I feel good and had fun doing this. The headers look like they belong there rather than those clumpy manifolds. I should get some pics tomorrow. Maybe even a vid or two.

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                          Shit, I forgot you had 4 cats lol

                          That's some good news right there mang, let us know how that bad boy sounds!
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                          Pile of Junk! An Electronics Project Site (To get wet by)<---Clicky! NEW STUFF!!!!


                            Those manifolds are heavy ugly bastards for sure. Even the weight reduction you get by going to headers makes it worthwhile, the flow improvement is just another bonus.

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                            Originally posted by phayzer5
                            I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


                              Oh sweetness. Fired her up this morning. Runs great. Sounds great. I can feel the difference when driving her. Definitely breathing better now without the cats and manifolds on. Went down to Meineke and had it finished this morning. $205 got me two 18" glasspacks and some pipe, plus labor. The guy down there does great work. I reused the old tailpipes to save money. He cut the lower flanges off of the H-pipe and went down to a 2 1/4" pipe, then into the glasspacks, then into the 2" tailpipes. I kept the old ends and flanges. Sounds mean. The old duals just sounded like an old suffocating engine without mufflers. Now she has a real attitude. Pics and vids below.



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