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{FUEL/EXHAUST}exhaust check valve

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    {FUEL/EXHAUST}exhaust check valve

    hey boys ....

    I have,nt been on here in awile but anyways I have some questions I removed the smog pump and A.C. but I still have the pipeing hooked to the exhaust now the information I was given was to remove or plug the check valve now I forgot to ask where the check valve is located does any one have pics or could you possible tell me where exactly it is???? I recently replaced the gas tank in my GM and let me tell you what a bitch it was... being that it was done with jack stands and on the garage floor what i didnt realize is that the tank on my parts car was wider than the one on my GM that I drive. So when I put it in the car the straps didnt reach to the original positions so I had to use 2 inch longer bolts so they would reach so #1 make sure you have enough room under your car to manuver the tank #2 measure the new tank before you go to put it in the car and just to be safe make sure you have some longer bolts on hand just in case!!!!!!!!!! This is info all you GM and CV owners might like to know if you havent already replaced your gas tank. I guess one benifit is I have a larger fuel capacity now. So hopfully this info helps

    Thanx Pork Chop

    Yes, good point on the bolts, I always stress this, lol...

    Did you remove your cats yet?
    1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
    Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!